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Moha Healomed-Therapy

Healomed therapy (therapy with PEMF devices) distinguishes low-energy devices, which are used primarily for cellular health and bone regeneration, and high-energy devices for recovery of traumas as well as control and treatment of degenerative Diseases. The positive effects of the treatment, which may take from three minutes to three hours depending on the energy level of the PEMF device, have been described:

Reduction of pain and inflammation
Increasing the Movement space
Increased solidity of tapes
Less muscle loss after surgery
Faster treatment of skin wounds
Improved capillary formation
Faster nerve regeneration
Less tissue necrosis

PEMF therapy can also influence the production of nitrogen oxide in the body and therefore help in diseases and disorders that have to do with the condition of the vessels (direct and indirect effect of nitrogen oxide on the vessels) such as:

Vascular enlargement and stenosis (elevated blood pressure)
Diabetes (I and II)

Blood Leech Therapy

In the Moha Institute, Blood Leech Therapy has been durchgefürhrt by experienced therapists for years. Our leeches, which we refer exclusively from controlled breeding in a natural-like habitat, successfully help, among other things, in non-healing wounds, pain caused by osteoarthritis, circulatory disorders as a result of transplants, diseases of the ear (such as Inflammation and tinnitus), the vessels (e.g. varicose veins, “brooms”) and the musculoskeletal system as well as concomitant with hypertension. The treatment, which lasts on average 60-90 min., runs through pain-reducing substances that the leech releases during the suction process, usually without problems and the desired effect can last for several weeks or even months after therapy. Of course, every fluke, as required by the legal regulations, will only be used for a


Treatment is used on a patient. Therefore, any patient who chooses this ancient, traditional therapy can have it carried out without any health concerns.
Attention: We are obliged to point out that leech therapy is contraindicated for patients suffering from hemophilia (blood disease) or taking blood thinning agents (Macamur, Aspirin).


The Tefra high frequency ozone therapy is a process that has been highly reassured in everyday practice. Very few naturopathic therapies that use apparatus are established as long as the Tefra high frequency therapy. The high frequency therapy is one of the electro-physical, non-invasive treatment types and has the following biological effects: With the help of the electrodes, a mechanical massage effect is achieved, which is further increased by the electricity. In a pointed application, the effect can be medically used, for example when removing warts, similar to a laser emitter. In addition, the Rays and the laser energy kill germs.


Accompanying Cancer & Tumortherapy

Interesting facts about biological cancer therapy.
The diagnosis of cancer raises many questions.
Stay calm, get in touch, there’s a solution for everything. The number of cancer sufferers is constantly increasing in the industrialised countries. In the next 20 years, experts are expecting a doubling. Last but not least, new and innovative concepts in prevention, treatment and aftercare are inevitable. Some 350,000 new cancer cases are added to the approximately 3 million cancer patients currently living in Germany. Despite intensive standard therapy such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the healing successes in recent years could only be improved a little for some types of cancer. The widespread chemotherapy has only a success rate of 2.5-3%. This rather poor efficiency was determined from 785,000 medical journals of cancer patients in the current medical journal USA.


Musik Therapie

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